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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Top 10 Hostels | PGs in Kota, Rajasthan for Students

Top 10 Hostels | PGs in Kota, Rajasthan - 2021 (Updated)

Note : This blog will help you determine the best hostels in Kota, Rajasthan.
Are you a young teenager living away from your family sacrificing all the comforts of your home and pushing your self to a compete in the Coaching for IIT-JEE, AIIMS, CA, CS in Kota, Rajasthan? 
This is the exact reflection of all the young aspirants who come to Kota. Kota is considered the amongst the world's biggest educational city with a turnover of INR 1500Cr and all the big names in the coaching industry no doubt the competition is fierce and the educational standards are top notch. But all this focus on education has a high possibility the decision makers of the industry can over see a vital element in a student’s performance, the oversight of the place of stay. It is important to be sure where a student stays,? Who are his friends in the hostel? What is the kind of interaction that he has with hostel mates? Is the place hygienic? Is the food Healthy? etc.
A child on an average spends 6-7 hours in a day at coaching and over 18hours inside his hostel and thereby making the Hostel life greatly influential on a student's performance. 

This article will try to rate the top 10 hostels accommodation available for students in Kota based on the factors like Student Reviews & Ratings, Pricing, Facilities offered, Location, Management, etc. 

Best hostels in Kota: 10th Position - Krishna Kunj

Located in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar a prime student area, this property is centrally located to various coaching institutes in Kota like Allen Career Institute, Resonance EduVentures, Motion and Nucleus Education.  Krishna Kunj is a girls only Hostel which has both single and double sharing rooms available and covers all basic amenities like Food, Bedding and Laundry. 

Best hostels in Kota: 9th Position - Lokhith Residency

Lokhith drops one position below from 2018 to 9th Position this year due to some reviews related dis-satisfactory services by students.

Lokhith residency, boys hostel in Kota is a Luxury staying place on the busy streets of IPIA road  no2. Tried and tested, Lokhith residency has been operational in Kota for sometime now and they do provide great facilities and food for the students. With a capacity of 300 - 400 Students and dedicated staffs Lokith residents meets the demands of the Luxury segment of students. 

Best hostel in Kota: 8th Position - Fortuna Icon 

Fortuna Icon has improved a position from 2018, But since It is far from major Coaching like Allen, Vibrant and Resonance still faces challenges in improving the score.

This boys hostel is your dream destination for luxury living In Kota. Located in IPIA road no 1 this hostel is close near Vibrant, Resonance and Career Point. Hostel provides Gym, TT and Badminton court and also shares the campus for Vibrant academey. 
The room charges are comparatively on the higher side due to facilities offered. With over 300 rooms, this would not be an ideal place for someone who likes quiet environment for studies. 

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7th Position - Reso Hostel 

Dedicated to the students of Resonance, this hostel is under the Management of Resonance Edu Ventures Kota. With over 5 hostels in and around Resonance campus is comparatively  expensive for the facilities offered. Parents feel more comfortable so as to accommodate their child in a hostel run by the Coaching administration. The hostel caters to only to a fraction of students studying in Coaching.
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Best hostels in Kota: 6th Position - 5 Shells Home

This highly reviewed & Rated girls hostel is Located in Landmark city, Kunhari, Kota has room for all, this hostel in Kota offers various options for rooms to choose from at different price range.  Facilities include on call Doctor, free Wifi, Mess, Pest Control, and many more. At prices of Hostels in Kota for 5 Shells Home ranging from INR11500 to INR 16000, You could your budget for stay. 

5th Position - S.R.S Crown 

SRS Retains its top 5 position with consistent services and customer satisfaction. 

Breaking into top 5 hostels in Kota, SRS Crown, Located in Kunadi is a perfect mix of comfort and safety for Students. Located 12kms away from main parts of Kota, SRS crown caters to the students of Coachings institutes in Landmark City, Kota. The place is not very expensive, food is great and a great place to stay and study. 

4th Position - Harshul Residency 

Located behind Resonance main building, this girls hostel is very close to the New Vibrant Academy coaching centre in Kota. The property is also in a walking distance of Coaching institutes like Career Point, Bansal Coaching and Nucleus Education. Run by a strict and caring Warden the place is a safe atmosphere for your girl child. This Hostel in Kota has all the basic facilities and also not very expensive. The property is within a km away from various restaurants and shopping centres, City Mall in Kota. 

3rd Position - Chandra Residency 

Located next to Vibrant Academy, Bhansal Classes and Career Point, with a capacity of over 200 students, Chandra residency meets all amenities required for students. The hostel also provides Parents room that makes it exceptional with a very few providing this hostel facility in Kota. Great food, safety and competitive price offerings with in-house stationary and groceries are the highlights of this Hostel in Kota. If you wish to avoid a daily 30mins commute during the busy hours of Kota (Kota comes to a halt as roads are filled with students finishing their classes) this is a perfect place for You. 

2nd Position - Being Home Hostels

Being Home was in third position last year and moved one position to give a tough competition to Kohinoor Hostels. Being Home Hostels have now expanded their Hostels to Landmark City Kunhadi with Being Home Zeta. 
Great news for Girl Students, Being Home has opened its first Girls Hostels BEING HOME HEXA in Kunhari Kota.

When you talk about striking the right cord on all strings, Being Home has got it right. With a Moto of a stress free, career focused and comforting living experience Being Home has properties spread across Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Mahaveer Nagar, IPIA and Talwandi right next to various biggest coaching institutes in Kota like Allen Career Institute, Resonance EduVentures, Vibrant Academy, Nucleus Education, Career Point and Bansal classes, with both single/double sharing rooms with all basic facilities provided at the most competitive price in Kota. Run by a group of B.E and MBA professionals, Being Home has pushed the limits of traditional hostels, Being Home Hostel in Kota on top of basic amenities provides career counselling, facilitate student admissions for MBBS and Engineering in Foreign colleges and also aid for student Loans through their affiliates. Their Social media pages and Blogs on Quora and Facebook are really useful to students preparing for coaching and personal life during their stay in Kota.
Do Check out their photos of Social Rooms (a common Relaxing Zone) looks pretty Cool.

1st Position - Kohinoor Hostels

Kohinoor Hostels still remains as the best Hostel in Kota consecutively for the last 3 years. 

What better than staying in a Hostel Managed by the biggest player in Coaching industry in Kota in terms of students and results, Kohinoor hostels is part of Allen Career Institute and has check mark all the facilities like Personal Guidance, Additional Monitoring of student progress, etc apart from meeting all the basic amenities required for a students most comforting and fruitful stay in a Hostel. Located in Rajeev Gandi Nagar, this is a dream place of stay for Allenates as they get exposure ad learning together from peer-group with Brilliant minds of students from Allen. 
Hence Kohinoor makes it to the top of the table. 

Let us know what you think regarding this rating. Do like and share if you agree as it can be greatly helpful for various students who are planning to come to Kota. 

Disclaimer: All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. The Author  makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. 


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